The main causes for root canal therapy are infections, diseases that damage the pulp beyond repair, or severe trauma experienced by the tooth. Cavities that are not timely or properly treated can decay the tooth structure (enamel and dentin) and eventually result in pulp damage. Tooth trauma includes physical traumaContinue Reading

As I was doing some dental research I came across some information that exposes some detrimental dental practices that I found very disturbing and would like to share my discovery. According to Dr. Nara about 90 percent of all root canals performed are unnecessary and according to Dr. Westin Price,Continue Reading

If you’re wondering about a root canal on a tooth, this guide should help you out. You could have come across plenty of tales about the topic already. You’re not alone in wondering if all the bad press is true, if getting the treatment is painful. Well the good newsContinue Reading

A diseased or injured nerve use to mean that you were likely to lose a tooth. This is no longer the case thanks to root canal therapy. The procedure can require up to three visits to the dentist but it causes little or no discomfort. The most significant upside isContinue Reading

Root canal headaches can be extremely painful; so much so that they may deprive you of your sleep. They are mostly caused due to a flawed root canal treatment, or any new infection that sets in after sometime since placing the crown/completing the root canal treatment. Often, in order toContinue Reading

People are often overwhelmed with anxiety and fear when they hear about dental treatment and are particularly scared of a root canal treatment. The teeth saving treatment might look unpleasant but it can save your tooth. With the advancement in modern technology, this treatment is not so unpleasant after all.Continue Reading